G2d Using the .scr files to create a "flyaround" view

Make a back-up copy of the ,scr files.

Make a sub-directory on drive C called aclt\fly (this is where the .sld sequences will be stored by the .scr file. Store the two .scr files here along with the .dwg file containing the 3D object.

Open the .dwg file.

Use the X,Y,Z command to pick a point which is intended to be the centre of rotation.

Open the drawing file then under TOOLS, RUN SCRIPT, open maker15.scr and run it.

This creates a series of .sld views at 15 degree intervals and stores them a directory called aclt\fly

To run the "flyaround" RUN, SCRIPT show15.scr.

Hit Esc at any time to stop the show.

To edit the .scr file to change directories rename the .scr to .txt then use any text editor to change it. Remembering to rename it back to a .scr file later.

Show15.scr could be edited to create longer delay times by increasing the 200 (millisecond) figure wherever it occurs.

Maker15.scr could be edited to change the height of view (currently 10 deg.) by changing all occurrences of 10 to the desired angle.

To quickly change all occurrences of a figure use the "replace function in your word processor.

To change director from "C" top another then edit this portion of maker.scr.

Slides could also be separately viewed with the View Slide command.


Copyright 1998 Allan E Johanson