B1 Block library availability (Australia)

"Fowler on Disc"

Bathroomware and tap ware CD-Rom

.dwg format ready for drawing insertion

Menu file for LT

Includes Autoset Gratis for converting to Postscrift files for Desktop publishing

R.R.P. Under $40 James Hardies Bathroom Products

"Caroma a world of choice"

Bathroomware in 2D & 3D .dwg files.


3D Trees in .dwg format on the "Desktop publishing & graphics" CD Rom

by Super Oz shareware -Sprint software


Also includes other AutoCAD related utilities.

SteelPRO BHP & Tubemakers steel sections

in 2D & 3D fro AutoCAD & LT & Intellicad

Equal & Unequal angles, Universal bemas & columns, parallel flange channel,

taper flange beams, tape flange channel, welded beams/columns, square hollow sections,

rectangular hollow sections, circular hollow sections.

$149. Aust at August 1998

1800 243 823 free call



Block library review

"Landscape Symbol Library" from ASAH Design

A range of trees, shrubs, ferns, flowers, palms, cacti ground covers in both plan and elevation view, indexed by both common name and botanical name. Other related blocks include fencing, paving outdoor furniture.All are 2D blocks and a hardcopy is provided of them all.

Approx. hard drive storage 14 Meg. Individual blocks from 5kB to 131kB in size.

All as separate .dwg files (check with supplier which version of .dwg file is current).

Method of use is as separate selectable insertable blocks or x-ref's.

Easy to make building design site plans and building elevations much more presentable and appealing.

Could be improved if say tree trunks were solids that hid the objects behind without the need for trimming.

Leave insertion till later in the drawing process if a likelihood of slowing a strained computer down (or x-ref in as a landscape plan/elevation).

Was purchased for a bit over $100 if I recall correctly, check for latest details as reviewed version almost 2 years old.

Try local supplier (Adelaide, South Australia) Cadvantage

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