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Allan Johanson, Building Designer & Consultant, Hope Valley S.A.

Member of the Building Designers Association of South Australia

and also the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society.

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"One generation's activities must not jeopardise the availability of resources for future generations"

from Race to save the Planet series, Open Learning, ABC TV



"Solar Access" is the right to have unobstructed access to sunlight to ones place of residence.

Is this the earliest recorded demand for solar access rights?

Diogenes a Greek philosopher, who rejected social conventions and advocated simplicity of life and self-sufficiency, lived from 412-323 BC.

It is recorded that his simplistic way of life was misinterpreted by a wealthy passer-by who stopped to ask if there was anything he could do for Diogenes.

The response from Diogenes (who had enough for his simple needs) was, "Move out of my sunlight!."

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