F2 Starting another program or file from within AutoCAD or LT (WIN 95)

What you can do is drag Windows 95 shortcut ( to start a program or file) onto your AutoCAD working area. (Temporarily move [or reduce] the AutoCAD window so that you can see both).

This creates a copy of the shortcut at this location. It can be reduced in size (to a blob even) and moved to a convenient point. (As it is at a particular location on your AutoCAD work area it will move with your Zoom / Pan etc.)

It can be put into Model space and/or Paper space and is for that particular opened drawing only.

It is saved along with the drawing but is not global (reinsert for other or new .dwgs.)

If you want to make it "global" save the paperspace & model space shortcuts as part of your template file.

Should you need to erase the shortcut just highlight it and hit the "cut" button.