Industrial / Office complexes

Information in regard to fire rating requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for industrial /office complexes where walls are proposed to be closer than 3m to a side or rear boundary. (Side boundary being one with an adjoining allotment - not a side road boundary).


This summary is limited to requirements for Type C construction (no part greater than 2 stories and generally under 2000 m sq.)

The BCA 96 requires that to achieve Type C construction certain building elements

are required to achieve a particular fire resistance level (FRL).

This has been summarized below as it applies to external walls.

Distance of ext. wall from boundary......Required fire resistance level in minutes

less than 1.5 m..............................90 min. minimum

  • 1.5 to less than 3.0 m..................60 min. minimum. "
  • Note:

    The return walls (perpendicular to the boundary) are also affected by the same rating/ distance parameters.

    As you can see consideration should be given in the planning stage in regard to the distance walls will be from boundaries as this will affect construction type and cost.

    Ways of achieving the rating include masonry construction, pre-cast concrete panels or some light-weight specialised fire rating systems.

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