I2 Emailing AutoCAD drawings

Have you tried the convenience of emailing your CAD drawings to a consultant/builder etc.?

One you've tried it you'll appreciate the benefits.

1) Pre-prepare for it. Find out what release of AutoCAD the recipient has.

Do a "save as" to this format if necessary. Have the file name in a form that is understood by the recipient.

Ensure that you have sent them a copy of your layer and other standards so that they can interpret your


2) Clean up and purge the plans so that unnecessary rubbish is not sent.

3) For files larger than a few hundred kb, you would be advised to use a "Zipping up" program to compress the file so it takes less time to send and receive. (i.e. Winzip)

4) In the text part of the email (or in your standards) inform the:

a) Whether it is model space only or set up in paper space.

b) What printed sheet size it is or will be outputted to.

5) You may wish to save the drawing with paper space view ports turned off, so that a recipient can selectively turn on required paper space layouts by drawing sheet. (Let them know that otherwise you may get a call saying, "I can't see anything of the model/project").

6) Send it as an "attachment", usually paper clip symbol, not in the body of the email message).

7) Clarify or assert copyright issues before sending any plans.


Allan E Johanson & Associates