P1 Printing plot (.PLT) files from the Dos program in Windows 95

Once plot files have been made it may be quicker printing multiple copies from DOS (running in the background) while working on the AutoCAD windows based program.

Start the "MS Dos Prompt" from within Windows 95/98

cd\ enter - (to get to the "C:=>" prompt)

Example (1)

for a simple drawing plot file called test1.plt located in c: directory

the command line from DOS to print would be as follows:

copy /b test1.plt lpt1 (press enter key)

Note: lpt1 refers to the printer port (check where yours is, but lpt1 is common)

To quickly get this plot instruction up on the screen again press the function key "F3" followed by "enter" to queue the next print.

This can be repeated many times and appears to be limited only by the print buffer and computersí capacity in regard to how many plots can be pre-loaded one after the other.

Example (2)

where the same drawing is say in the "acad" directory, in sub directory "client1"

the command would change to

copy /b acad\client1\test1.plt lpt1

before closing of DOS prompt remember to:

cd\ windows .....enter

Example 3

If all plots in the directory are of a whole set of plans to be printed use the "*.plt " option

in the examples above to print all .plt files in the specified directory

To change the plot file name simply use the backward arrow key to get to the spot for retyping of the plot file name.

When deciding on plot file names the length of the name is kept to the same number of letters for all plots in that set. This saves having to use "insert" and "delete" for characters.

Separate printer computer

An older computer for example could be linked to a printer and used as the dedicated DOS based print station (by transferring plot files on floppy or zip disc).

Copyright 1998 Allan E Johanson