Allan E Johanson & Associates




STAGE 1 - Design, drafting & planning application

Measure up on site (additions) or visit site (new homes)

Discuss design & detailing with owners

Prepare preliminary plans including site plan, floor plan(s) and elevations

Discuss and make adjustments

Prepare planning application

Discuss "schedule of finishes" items

Organise preliminary footing report if required

Obtain budget quote from builder

Send plans to engineers for footing/structural quotes

Respond to planning department queries

STAGE 2 - Building application

Additional drafting for building application information

Provide copies of BDA specification

Provide wet area construction details

Preliminary schedule preparation

Co-ordinate with owners footing/ structural engineer

Framing plans by Builder / Owner / Designer

Give to plans and specifications to owner for council lodgement.

Respond to building department queries

STAGE 3 - Builders quotes

Additional detail drawings to explain finishes or construction

Discuss builders to be selected with owners

Provide copies of plans and specifications to owner, owner to include footing engineers report then forward to selected builders.

STAGE 4- Contract administration once work commenced on site

To be at an hourly rate. Extent to be agreed.